Monday, 2 November 2015

Life Drawing

Life drawing sessions have started again but I'm very aware that I can only provide a basic introduction in the time we have.

These are very basic introductions to life drawing' half day sessions that concentrate on measurement and how to capture movement. I have though put up various posts before on my feelings on this e. g. and I did put up a post on the issues that lie behind measured drawing, see.  I have also looked at how art school drawing exercises were practiced when I began teaching in the 1970s, see:

However the Tate Gallery have been hosting a series of life drawing master classes, so if you want to look at further possibilities why not visit their website and look at some of the videos that were made.
Here are a few of them.
Michael Sandle:

Eileen Hogan:

Bill Woodrow:

As to finding a way to push perceptual measurement beyond an excercise perhaps look at the work of Ann Gale. She is able to use the measurement grid as an integral part of the process of searching for form, the resultant images floating between formal perceptual investigation and intimate personal reflection.

Ann Gale

Ann Gale

However in a short 3 hour life drawing session it is unlikely that anything beyond an image that testifies to the struggle of looking can be produced. That's fine, just dont expect a 'finished' image to come from these sessions. Hopefully though they will give you an approach and starting point from which to build your own drawing languages.

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