Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kabir Hussain

Kabir Hussain: Grimston to Knights Hill, 2013 Bronze

Dont forget to visit the Kabir Hussain exhibition in the college gallery. In particular make sure you look carefully at his charcoal drawings. They are very delicate explorations of space within a landscape format. Look for the careful choice of paper shape and format echoing the strategic placement of spatial divisions made by the charcoal lines. Kabir is an ex-student from the college and was taught on the Foundation course here. At that time we spent many hours looking at 'carving' a line out of the space of the paper. In particular we spent time investigating the Dales out Buckton way. Kabir's work is a welcome reminder of how fruitful landscape can be as a subject, and that sometimes you need to get out of the town and experience nature in its more raw state.

The idea of carving a line in space was initially introduced to students of Kabir's generation using a metaphor of space as a stretchy plastic membrane. See

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