Friday, 27 March 2015

Drawing exhibitions on over Easter

Easter is now almost upon us and I'm sure some of you are looking forward to a break. However if you do get a chance, Easter is also a time when you can get round a few galleries and see what is happening.
Here are a few suggestions that are drawing focused, you don't have to go to the actual gallery to be able to look at what is on of course, the internet allows you to browse at a distance, but remember the real texture and feel of a drawing is impossible to reproduce in a photograph. 
If you are down in London try and visit The Drawing Room. At the moment they have the 2015 Drawing Biennial on show. (5 March 2015 – 30 April) This consists of 200 contemporary artists’ drawings, drawings that are much more cutting edge than the recent Jerwood show. Find links to the work in the exhibition here.

Art and Language

Nicky Hirst
Nicky Hirst is another ex LCA student, she makes fantastic collages see

William Mackrell 

Kathy Prendergast 

Daniel Silver
The Drawing Room is at:
Tannery Arts,
 12 Rich Estate,
 Crimscott Street,
 London SE1 5TE
Tel 020 7394 5657
During exhibitions the gallery is open Tuesday to Friday 11am–6pm and Saturday 12–6pm.
On the last Friday of every month they are open late until 8pm

The Courtauld Institute is hosting a wonderful exhibition of Goya’s ‘Witches and old women’

The Courtauld Gallery
, is in Somerset House
 on the Strand: 
London WC2R 0RN

Richard Diebenkorn is showing at the Royal Academy and although focused on painting, his paintings are the result of an intense amount of looking. His drawings feed directly into the paintings, both seeking structural purity from the chaos of perception. He is an artist that took up the mantle of Cezanne and continued to seek structure in the complexity of those 'petit sensations'. 

Richard Diebenkorn

If you are going to the RA you might also drop in to see the work of Mick Rooney RA. Rooney is a much more traditional artist, but still worth a visit. If you go to the Members in Focus section of the RA website, you will find a video of Mick Rooney discussing the place of drawing in his work. See

If you can get over to Paris Abdelkader Benchamma see is the recent winner of Drawing Now'.

Abdelkader Benchamma

I shall be going to the Pallant House Gallery in Chichester in particular to see the exhibition 'Wood Engraving and the Brook Green School'. The artist Leon Underwood established a radical drawing school in Hammersmith, known as the Brook Green School of Art, in 1921. 
The connection with Leeds is that Henry Moore was a student there, studying with Underwood after he had moved down to london from Leeds. I also collect prints and have some originals by Blair Hughes Stanton who was also a member of the Underwood founded 'English Wood Engraving Society.

Blair Hughes Stanton

Blair Hughes Stanton

Over in New York Natalie Frank is showing at the Drawing Centre
Her drawings from tales from the Brother’s Grimm are psychologically powerful images that remind me of some of Paula Rego's drawings. Both use pastel but in different ways, Frank to create intense colour fields, Rego to establish rich local colour. Natalie Frank is a fascinating painter as well. Those of you who like Francis Bacon should look at her in more detail.

Natalie Frank

I shall be spending time away from a computer as I will be living in a caravan on the south coast and making drawings of sea defences that have been put up in our response to rising sea levels. So don't expect another post until I return to Leeds for the final semester. 
So if the weather is good why not go out and draw? 

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