Saturday, 7 March 2015

Leeds Artist's Book Fair

Don't forget, this weekend is the Artist's Book Fair down at the Tetley. It's open today (Sat) and tomorrow (Sun). See: 
Artist's books are becoming more and more popular and the college itself has a growing collection. If you want to look at the collection, go down to the Vernon Street library. There is a postcard exhibition in the library all this month in conjunction with the book fair. You can get a free copy of one of my card works if you go.
You might go to the book fair to look at different formats, however you might also find an artist that is producing work that helps you think about what your own work is about. 

Artist's books come in all shapes and sizes. The one below by Raymond Pettibon is printed using traditional lithographic techniques. 

Images above from 'Plots on loan' an artist's book by Raymond Pettibon. 

Kiefer 'The High Priestess'

Kiefer is of course the artist that made us aware of the book as historically resonant object. His lead books are full of the weight of history, his book shelves as large as industrial units and his books themselves only to be handled by strong teams of 'openers'. 

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